Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Apologies from Agile 2007 Conference Program Committee

In case you have submitted a paper, tutorial, etc. for the Agile 2007 conference, you most likely have noticed that the submission system had a system error. Here is a message from the conference chair on that regard:

I am finding as many opportunities as I can to express sincere apology for an error in the Agile 2007 submission system which caused multiple
accept/reject messages to be sent out. While all of us have experienced errors in our software projects, this is one that inconvenienced many people... for this, I apologize.

We can point accusations at the software developers and testers, but it will not accomplish anything. Instead, it is more effective to correct the error and move forward. We have sent revised accept/reject notices (with an apology) and will make every effort to learn from this experience.

We hope that this mistake will not cause you to overlook the countless other things our hard-working team of volunteers are doing so well in order to make the Agile 2007 conference fabulous in many, many ways.

Mary Lynn Manns
Conference Chair, Agile 2007

Being a member of the program committee myself, there is nothing I can add.

Fingerpointing, however, will not help. Instead, it is important to look at the situation, make the best out it, and move forward. I think Mary Lynn and the other members of the committee are doing this. We all want the Agile 2007 conference to be a success!
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