Monday, December 22, 2008

A Thought About Selecting Tools

Once you are an XYZ partner (replace XYZ with your favorite partner vendor) this means that you should be using all XYZ tools. After all you get them all cheap or even for free. So choosing them must be right!

Wrong! Check what the primary reason is why your company is in business. Is it being an XYZ partner? Or is it delivering good products and services to your customers? I bet that it is the latter.

And if you deliver good products and services to your customers using XYZ technologies or tools might be the right choice. But maybe it's not. If you believe you can choose only from XYZ's product list then chances are that you miss out on the best opportunities to improve what you do and how you work.

For example, XYZ may just have large monolithic applications that require training for users and specialists for configuring and maintaining it. And maybe those large applications that try to be everything to everyone become so flexible that all that flexibility makes it hard to change and quickly adapt your processes to your environment. Do you want your tools to support your processes? Or do you want your tools to dictate your processes?

Bottom line: Don't let you limit yourself by being an XYZ partner thinking that you can use only their tools!

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