Sunday, June 24, 2007

More on MindManager

Thank you for the comments on my previous MindManager blog entry!

Granted, performance issues can certainly depend on many different factors. According to my information the majority of the users don't seem to have performance issues. But there also seem to be a non-negligible number of users who did experience those issues.

However it is no help to the latter group of users if the former group of user have performance issues.

In my particular case when I observed the performance problems
  • There was enough free memory (hundreds of MBytes)
  • There was enough free hard disk space
  • CPU usage was less than 10%
  • No network usage
  • No disk I/O

That basically indicates that probably more than one thread is running and a lock conflict is happening with one thread waiting for the other. Eventually a time-out will occur and the software continues to run. This is just a guess based on my observations, and the real issue might be a completely different one.

If you have used and developed professionally many different software products over 15 years then you start to get a sense for when a software has an issue. If a promise is given several times ("Update and the performance issues are resolved...") then I simply stop believing it. Instead of asking me to pay for an upgrade that solves an issues I would prefer to get a properly working version in the first place.

Anyways. Too many words already spent on the subject. I will consider giving version 7 a try.

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Gregory said...

I've had the problem you describe with versions 5, 6, and now 7. Mindjet acknowledged it in a post back in November of 2006 but did not follow with any commitment of resolving the issue (beyond the suggestions to have smaller maps and disable graphics card acceleration).

I have used Freemind but find MindManager superior - other than the processor issue - for pen usage, if nothing else.

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