Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Where my stories come from

Once in a while people ask me where I get my stories from. Well, there are many different sources but most of the time they develop as I talk to friends.

All the stories I tell in this blog are inspired by true facts and data. However, in order to protect people and companies, I never tell a story that is based on a single account only. I know people working for over 25 different companies from all over the world. Only when I hear a similar story at least twice from different companies I assume a pattern. Then I take the information and use it as an inspiration for my blog.

Sometimes there is also a large difference in terms of when I have heard the different stories. One story I might have heard many years ago, while a different one I just came across recently. Together they may suggest a pattern. One story might have been from a very small compay, and a different one may come from a very large one. One story might be from Europe, and the other from India or Australia. These stories are particularly interesting as they may reveal cross-cultural patterns.

I ask you for your understanding that to protect my sources I will not reveal any names, locations, times, or other specifics that can be used to identify a company or a person or a source. Only where I have the expressed permission from a person or company I can give more specific details. Generally the names I use are not the real names.

Or as they say at the end of the movies: all my stories are inspired by real facts and data, but any resemblance with actual people, companies or events is pure coincidence.

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