Tuesday, April 15, 2008

More on MindManager

I just received a marketing email encouraging me to upgrade from MindManager 6 (MM6) to MindManager 7 (MM7).

Well, at least this time they don't try to sell me on all those performance improvements.

Still, why should I pay for an upgrade if I don't know whether the performance issues are fixed?

They claim that 91% of those customers who upgraded to MM7 are "satisfied" or "very satisfied" after they upgraded. What they didn't mention how many of the customers that are on version prior to MM7 are dissatisfied with the software and don't intend to upgrade any time soon.

Also, under the headline "MindManager Pro 7 by the numbers" they claim that there are over one million licenses of MindManager around the world. They didn't say whether this is just MM7 or whether this figure includes prior version. I assume the latter.

So overall, I do understand the intention. They would like to get people off old versions onto the current one, and that way they can collect the upgrade fees.

I sent an email to their sales department asking for a 90 days trial license key. I have upgraded to 5 then to 6, each time hoping that the performance issues are resolved. Each time I paid money then I got a license. This time I think it would be more than fair to do it the other way round. I get the license first - time-limited to 90 days - and if their product turns out to be as fantastic as they claim - which it is without doubt! (sarcasm!) - then I'll be happy to pay for the upgrade.

So let's see what they come back with. At the moment my confidence level regarding MindManager isn't very high.

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